img_5098In the 1800s, health was defined as the state of not being sick. Now it is defined as a state of whole well-being. Holism involves five dimensions of health:

  1. Physical
  2. Social
  3. Emotional
  4. Intellectual
  5. Spiritual

We all have unique individual needs when it comes to health and beauty at different stages in life. As a whole person wellness provider, Michelle has the experience, education, training, and most of all the PASSION to help you make an educated decision about:

1. What treatments are available on the market today for your individual aging needs?
2. Are the treatments in fact a safe and proven method?

Michelle Portsmouth holds many certifications in the field of whole person health care and has worked in the following industries over the past 16 years:

  • Organic Foods
  • Pharmacy
  • Aesthetics
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Health Care Aide
  • Home Care Aide
  • Hospice Care Aide


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